Unify the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem through the EuroQuity platform.

As part of the Innov’I – EU4Innovation project, financed by the European Union, TunisianStartups in partnership with Expertise France launched INVEST’I. This community represents the innovative entrepreneurial Tunisian ecosystem throughout the EuroQuity platform. Which is a platform that connects startups, investors, and support structures. INVEST’I values and connects startups, investors, and Tunisian support structures (Business Angels, réseaux de Business Angels, VCs, and banks). Recently, the SME component has been integrated into INVEST'I, which is now officially deployed by Smart Capital


Our Community on EuroQuity  

Since November 2020


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Tailored for every actor, Startups, Investors and Support Organisations

  • Gain Visibility on Euroquity's Platform
  • Access to Fundraising experts
  • Fundraising management
  • Connect with potential partners
  • Gain Visibility on Euroquity's Platform
  • Promote startups’ portfolio
  • Connect with Investment experts
  • Explore new investment Opportunities
  • Gain Visibility on Euroquity's Platform
  • Sourcing of Qualified Startups
  • co-investment Opportunities
  • Access to Startup Ecosystem's data

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