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The ThinkTank by TunisianStartups is a thinking circle in charge of elaborating improvement proposals for decision-makers to inspire public policies on entrepreneurship. 
Our vision is to become the leading think tank specializing in entrepreneurship and startups by playing a constructive and proactive role in the public debate by bringing practical, evidence-based solutions to the discussion table for an enabling business environment, accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship.
This project is supported by Innov'i - EU4Innovation, a project funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France and the German Cooperation, in the framework of the special Training and Employment Initiative "Investfor Jobs" implemented by the GIZ Tunisia Digital Transformation Programme.

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Startup Act Guide

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We are working on establishing a sustainable ecosystem in favor of entrepreneurship; we count on your contribution and support toco-create an improved version of the legal framework that solves the obstacles that Tunisian startups deal with during their journey

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Our Roadmap

Structured and data-driven advocacy

National Task Force

As part of TS’ advocacy strategy, a National Task Force was put in place with the purpose of drawing together national efforts and crafting an effective advocacy message for policy makers. This Task Force is sponsored by the Ministry of Economy and Planning and it includes main ecosystem stakeholders: Tunisianstartups - ATIC - Smart Capital - The Central Bank and College Startup Act. These actors work jointly to trigger a national dialogue that advocates for an enabling environment for startups.

Impact Assessments

To support TS’advocacy efforts, research studies will be conducted with the aim of highlighting the contribution of startups in economic development and push towards supporting startups that provide solutions and continue to produce economic and societal growth by creating legislative environments that are favorable to innovation and new ideas. These advocacy documents will also serve as a useful resource for data-driven decision making.

Advocacy Briefs

Advocacy notes will be produced through a bottom-up and a collaborative approach to summarize the challenges that startups are facing and provide specific stances and recommendations on how to fix existing policies These briefs will allow the ecosystem to effectively educate their stakeholders about existing policies and provide a call to action on issues. These documents represent a great tool for advocates to use as they provide reliable, up-to-date, customized information.


Startup Act Guide

A new support paradigm for Startups

This impact study analyses the significant obstacles that Tunisian startups and small enterprises face and provides concrete recommendations for adopting a new systemic approach to design effective policies that encourage sustainable economic development. link not available yet.

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Etude Startup Act

Impact Study

This impact study analyzes the influence of the Startup Act on labeled startups and their growth trajectory. The objective is to assess the Startup Act's effectiveness and address the influence of the benefits granted to entrepreneurs and startuppers on the performance of labeled startups and their growth trajectories.

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Etude Startup Act

Barometer of fintechs in Tunisia

The document analyzes the Fintech industry in Tunisia, outlining its strengths and challenges. Tunisia has several advantages, like strategic location and skilled workforce, positioning it to become a regional innovation hub. Notable initiatives include the 2018 Start-up Act and the 2020 regulatory Sandbox, which support the growth of local Fintechs. However, the sector faces challenges such as funding shortages, regulatory barriers, administrative issues, and difficulties in talent retention and competitiveness.

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